Why Feels Like Analytics

Answers to most problems are buried in the data. However, most people and business are too busy working, promoting their business, with personal lives or not interested in spending hours in the data. Many companies simply don't make it easy for everyday people to access their data to get valuable insights and make decisions.

I want to help remove gut feelings from the equation when making decisions. Instead of decision makers having to say "it feels like we should do this" or "it feels like people want this", let analytics help guide the discussion so decision makers can feel more confident.

I've spent my life helping large companies drive value from the data to make more money, stop spending extra money and find golden nuggets of information in data. I have degrees math and statistics with a masters degree in analytics on the way. I'm certified in Lean Six Sigma - so I am trained to find extra waste, by using data, and speeding up processing times.

Generally, you can find any apps that I've developed on Shiny with R and code will be on Github. On this site, I've included many sample analysis, from building visual dashboards and reports, analyzing Twitter data to understand user sentiment, predicting the probability a MLB team will win the game, to optimizing which pitch a MLB pitcher should throw in any situation.

I want to help others understand their data, understand how to get the data, and understand what is working as well as what's not working.


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