Winter Meetings Tweets

Cubs Twitter: A Winter Meetings summary

I used R to scrape thousands of tweets from Twitter to understand how Cubs fans are feeling these days and it looks...bad. Takes:

1) TRADE: Everyone is convinced that both Willson and KB are gone this winter. Is it likely? Sure, Theo says that everyone is fair game to go. EVEN THE BREWERS ARE TRYING TO TALK SOME SENSE INTO THE CUBS.

2) BRYANT: Not surprising since trade was #1. Thank god I don't have to decide between keeping the greatest player of all time (hey KB) or saving a few dollars (cc: Ricketts).

3) ADDISON RUSSELL: I actually love Addi. Dude is a stud baseball player, but a shitty person. I thought 2019 would be the #freeAddi revenge tour, but that was premature.

4) CASTELLANOS: All I want for Christmas is St. Nicholas Castellanos to be a Cub. Anyone complaining about payroll, needs to realize that we're in the middle of the competitive window that was not taken advantage of, the Cubs are owned by literal billionaires, and are simply not using their might of being the only large market team in the NL Central.



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