Visualize and Understand Your Golf Game

Every golfer wants to shoot a better score. Every golfer also thinks they know what they're bad at or need to improve. What if you could challenge those assumptions?
Instead of saying "I always slice the ball and miss the fairway right" - you should be saying I miss the fairway right 27% of the time, hit the fairway 40% of the time and miss the fairway left 33% of the time. This data is more actionable. Instead of focusing on "missed fairways", now you are focusing on why you miss left 33% of the time.

Instead of saying "I'm not any good at putting" - you should be saying I 3 putt 10% of the time, 2 putt 60% of the time and 1 putt 30% of the time. Now instead of generally being bad at putting, you know that in order to get better at golf, the first focus is on the 10% of holes you 3 putt on. This data can be measured and tracked over time, so you know if you are getting better. Once this is in a comfortable range, you can focus on decreasing the number of 2 putts, or focus on better approach shots for shorter putts.

Check out my game here: Golf Dashboard

In just a glance at the dashboard, I've learned that my putting on hole 18 specifically is costing me an extra stroke per round. In general, I average ~1.4 putts per hole. However, on hole 18 I'm averaging 2.4 putts per hole! Perhaps I am rushing to finish or just unlucky, but now I am aware to take the extra time on the last hole.

If you want to get better, you need to track and measure your performance over time.


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